Activity Reports

At this time the Executive Committee requests that you update your activity file in preparation for the annual review by the Executive Committee. The deadline for completion is March 30, 2018.

The review of activity reports by the Executive Committee is part of the mandated regular activities of the department. The review is the basis for deciding about raises and about research-based teaching reductions for tenure-stream faculty. Tenure-stream faculty are guaranteed a 2+1 teaching load and do not have to apply for one if any of the following conditions hold at the time you file your annual report:

  • The Department has already agreed that you will have this load.
  • During the next academic year you will have a non-tenured tenure-track appointment in our department.
  • During the next academic year you will have a tenured appointment in our department, and, moreover, an external research grant either supported at least one month of your salary in the summer of 2018 or definitely will support one month of your salary in the summer of 2019.

For your activity file, please provide an activity report and a CV with a list of publications. You are welcome to provide additional materials. I encourage you to use the standard LaTeX template for your activity report. The template is available here.

Be sure to provide whatever information you want the Executive Committee to consider.

Further information about the procedures that the Executive Committee will use to evaluate the annual reports will be provided later this spring.


The activity template has been updated to include the following in the Teaching and advising section:

Mentee accomplishments (e.g. Ph.D. student/postdoc awards, accepted papers, presentations; undergraduate student awards, papers, presentations, posters).

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